Friday, March 23, 2012

How many shots have you had today?

MMMMmmmm coffee....


  1. The waiting in line thing happened to me this past week, lol. I had to wait for these girls to finish getting the right ratio of milks, splendas, raw sugars and powder into their drinks... Guess I was kind of like guy #1 there.

    Love your drawings; they're inspiring! I remember Anthony made a comment about the woman's hand bending at an unnatural angle, and the same thought came to mind with the guy's hand at the back (i can't remember if anthony said something about it). The way he's holding the phone is odd, like he's pinching it with the tips of all his fingers... it just looks unnatural. I don't know somebody who would hold their phone like that, lol. Have you tried looking at how you and/or others hold their cell phones...? Just a thought and something I noticed.

    These are all great... I look forward to future work!!

  2. Thats a great note, thanks Laurin!