Friday, March 23, 2012

zomg, I still have followers!

Holy pretzels! How long has it been??? I dunno, but I better put up some art before I experience another time slip...
Here are a few of the many pieces I'm working on for the "Just Looking" 3D short coming out later this year. More to come!

did I mention it takes place in a coffee shop? (spoiler alert!!!)


  1. Can I have a printed row of these like what you brought to class...?? LOVE them! I'll pay you :)

    Was this all done in photoshop, or did you use Illustrator? The lines are so neat.

  2. With or without the text?
    And I just used photoshop. I'm learning Illustrator, slowly, but still can't get lines like I can in photoshop... it just takes FOREVER!!!

  3. With text for sure :) do you use a specific tool in photoshop? Your lines are so neat, especially on the window designs, that it made me wonder if you used a pen tool or some vector tool..

  4. Oh, and i would want to see your name/signature somewhere if i can ever get some of your work! :)

  5. lol I need to get a legit stamp or something! for now I'll just hand sign them if thats cool :P

    Oh and as far as tools, for the windows I used the Marquee tool with the stroke function and them edited them together as I felt fit. You should have stayed after class! I was showing Sarah how to do it. Oh well, see you on thurs :)

  6. Aw dang! Haha yes, next Thursday then :) would love to see how it's done. And of course any method of signature would be acceptable!!! Gosh lol.